Thursday, July 19, 2012

"That's Not My Booger" and Other Family-Related Stories

Hi. It's, um, been awhile... Again, I'm not sure why I have fallen off the blogging wagon. I spend a moderate (ridiculous) amount of time on the Interwebs. I blame my phone, my beautiful iPhone. I can have the internet in my hands any time I want, but the little bugger is not conducive to typing. Yes, I still have a laptop, but it's under the couch most of the time, and that's just.too.far.away.

So I'm going to share some of the haps since January. Not all of them, mind you, since that would be oh-so-exciting. NOT.

This month's activities inspired this post's title (actually, I planned on blogging the story in January, but I got busy...oh, look there's something sparkly...)

And we're back.

 My sister and I see each other at least once a month. It's acceptable, but not nearly enough time to spend with my best friend. And we tend to spend time together at holidays and birthdays, which typically involves like 30 people. And lots of food. And ample dangerous objects for our children to harm themselves with. So when we do spend time alone together, we tend to go overboard, or as my brother-in-law put it, we "Hay-lery" it. This tends to end in the spins and massive headaches. Haley and I are thinkers, so we decided to be the captains of our own destinies and choose to spend more time together (and less time hurling), so we planned on meeting up more often and creating a "Sisters'" weekend in January. January tends to be pretty quiet, so it seemed ideal. This year we planned a trip to Napa, where I have visited often but never stayed. It's quite expensive, so to say our "hotel" was nice means that I don't think it was a recent crime scene. We met up on Friday evening, after I crawled on the 80 from Elk Grove. Haley and I went out that night and had a bit of fun. We did pace ourselves, but I will admit to feeling a little spinny the next morning. Haley got up first and took a shower. Upon exiting the shower, she informed me, "I just want to let you know that when you take a shower, that's not my booger."

Nice. Someone left us a present. And there it stayed the whole weekend. Lovely.


This month was dedicated to our new, very large t.v. My husband celebrated his 35th birthday, and all he wanted was a very large t.v. This caused me anxiety...mostly because I'm lazy and did not want to take down our gargantuan entertainment center, figure out what t.v. he wanted, and install the dang thing. So I was overjoyed when he said that he was fine getting it together. Whew! So we bought the t.v., blu-ray player (which has a netflix button!), and entertainment stand on Saturday. Sadly, Justin had to wait to set up his present because the month was February, so that means every weekend is a birthday celebration. We headed to the Bay for my mom's birthday. That evening we returned home, and Justin stayed up all night setting up the t.v. Seriously, I think he fell asleep on the floor. I was a big t.v. naysayer for many years, but I have to say I enjoy it, especially the internet-connected Blu-Ray. That thing is awesome! It's got Netflix and Pandora (plus a ton of other things I have yet to explore) right at your finger tips. Love it!


This month we celebrated my son's first birthday. As readers will know, birthday parties in my family are a big deal. Luckily, my aunt and uncle let me use the church for El's birthday. As I assumed it would be, the weather was a complete b. It was gorgeous the week's before his birthday and then nasty for his party. There's nothing I like more than planning little kids' parties. First, the food is awesome: cheesy puffs and candy, what's not to like? Second, I love picking the theme. Em and I picked dinosaurs for El's first party. What? The kids both love dinosaurs. I got party hats, goody bags, and a cake with dinosaurs on it. The only thing I didn't think through--blue frosting. The cake had blue frosting, so all of our pictures are of kids with blue mouths. Sigh...


 I ushered in my 33rd year with a bang. No, I'm lying. I ushered it in with more than a few swear words to be honest. Yes, I got a spring break, but I spent most of it writing evaluations. Ugh. Then, when I got back to school, I was in charge of state testing, which basically entailed me spending most of my time in a little conference room with 1,500 tests. When I wasn't in the conference room, I spent my time carting boxes around campus. So fun. My actually birthday was the first day of testing. And it poured. And we dropped a box. And tests got wet. Shoot me. To say that I was happy to see April behind me is not just an understatement, it's the gawd-damn truth! May I don't remember a single thing that happened in May. I blame testing. Testing is pretty much my catch-all scapegoat for everything. The economy's in the toilet? Testing! Global warming? Testing! The Kardashians are still popular? Testing! (I could make the connection...really.)

The Summer

Summer is a lovely time for me, but I have many friends who are not educators, so I will not spend too much time gloating. Yes, I "worked" most of June, but not at nearly the same pace (read Kentucky Derby speed) that I normally do. My work in June consisted of finishing large projects, getting bored during said large projects, and bugging the crap out of my co-workers. Bliss. The Harrell-Moecklis did take time to travel this summer. All four of us made our way out to Colorado for the Harrell family reunion, which was lots of fun. I love that my kids are at the age where all it takes to entertain them are rocks and water. Seriously, they love that shit. It was wonderful to see the extended Harrell family and re-connect with my California family. Yes, we had to travel hundreds of miles to spend quality time with people who live in our own state. :)

The summer is winding down, and I'm trying to finish up my established projects: workout, order and hang pictures of my second child (please ignore that he is over a year old), and attack my closet. I do the last one every summer. I hate it, but I feel so much better when it's over. That's what I keep telling myself...

Til next time. :)

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