Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Muffin Top Runneth Over

Brace yourselves. This is another blog about weight loss.

I cannot promise that this post will be a whole lot different than the probable 90,000 blogs about weight loss this month. But it comprises a lot of my energy right now, so here we go...

I had a baby almost 10 months ago. I was on a controlled diet. I got no candy. No potato chips. I had to watch my portions fanatically.

I gained sixty pounds.

I think.

I stopped looking when the scale reached 175.

I'm gonna blame it on water weight.

So after I had the baby (he was only 7 pounds...not sure about the other 53...), I gave myself a month to enjoy the things that I couldn't while pregnant. We're talking some real exciting stuff--cereal, lowfat ice cream, fruit. Go crazy.

Then I weighed myself to establish a starting point. I had 35 pounds to lose. Okay. I've done it before; I can do it again.

I started a moderate exercise program and watched what I ate. But with the exception of a couple pounds lost here and there, I've pretty much stayed the same. I think the most I lost was ten pounds (and honestly that was due to the flu...lovely weight loss plan, btw. No thank you.), and after the holidays, all the weight has returned.

It's time for me to face the facts.

No, my dryer did not shrink my clothes.

No, I am not just retaining water.

No, my scale is not broken.

I need to lose weight.


So I took the return to school as a return to health. While I do not necessarily make resolutions, I have decided to do a couple things. They are revolutionary.

1. Eat vegetables
2. Banning white wine from my house
3. Avoiding my boss's candy dish (It's more of a candy grand canyon...)
4. Trying to exercise

I did not do any of these things prior to winter break. Well, a couple of vegetables may have snuck in there but only because I'm responsible for 0% of the cooking in my home.

After week one, I'm pretty happy with myself. I brought veggies to work, and anytime I got "snacky", I avoided the candy canyon and ate vegetables. I can't say that I was entirely happy about it, but I dealt. I only exercised once, but I am willing to give myself some latitude on this front. Time is of the essence.

This weekend was the true test. I tend to go a little wacky with the extra calories, especially the liquid variety. To eliminate temptation, I gave up white wine for January. That stuff is crazy high in calories (but oh-so delicious.) I did have a beer on Friday and Saturday, but if I still seem to not be losing weight by next Friday, then I'll give that up too. The thing is that I can have just one beer; white wine...not so much.

So I'll keep you posted. We shall see...


Suzanne said...

If you can control what you eat, you are doing much better than me in that arena. My main problem is over-eating and what we call "munch mouth" around my house. Exercise is difficult if you don't have a goal. You could sign up for something like a boot camp or a race. That usually motivates me. The problem is, moving is good, but it's getting to a point where you need to try and be anaerobic and really challenge yourself.

Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

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